Swedish Board of Agriculture wins Best Government Project in 2019 Totara Awards

Xtractor is delighted to announce that their Totara project with Jordbruksverket (Swedish Board of Agriculture) has won the Best Government Project award in the 2019 Totara Awards.

Logo Totara Best Government Project 2019: Jordbruksverket & Xtractor

Judges Lars Hyland and Senior Learning Strategist Lori Niles-Hofmann selected this year’s winners from the most competitive pool of entries yet. Every year, the Totara Awards recognises the most innovative and successful implementations of Totara, an open source learning management system renowned for its flexibility, cost effectiveness and scalability.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture’s LMS highlights the speed with which a fully customised learning platform can be designed, built and rolled out. The platform supports up to 200,000 users cost effectively, and provides a straightforward way to manage the mandatory certification process. The platform has also saved the organisation considerable time and money, and allows administrators to spend their time engaging in more valuable tasks.

Lars Hyland, Chief Learning Officer at Totara, said: “The standard and variety of solutions using the Totara platform continues to rise year on year. These awards are a great way to recognise success, innovation and real business impact. My congratulations to the teams at the Swedish Board of Agriculture and Xtractor for their win.”

Annelie Friman, Business Area Manager at Xtractor, said: ”Our experience with designing and configuring Totara combined with our learning management experience is our key strength. Having dedicated learning management consultants working in close cooperation with Jordbruksverket is one of the reasons we can proudly say we reached the goals for this project. I’m happy to work with all our skilled employees to take on interesting customer cases.”

As winners, both Swedish Board of Agriculture and Xtractor will receive a waka made from genuine Totara wood, and will also participate in an exclusive Totara Community webinar to demonstrate and showcase their award-winning solution.